The Litigation Department serves corporate and individual clients in a broad range of litigated and other contested matters in both state and federal courts, as well as before administrative agencies.

Our utmost goal is a favorable result for the client through proactive planning in the litigation process. This may mean winning at trial, or it may mean an early, cost-effective resolution of the dispute. Because we are very aware of the high cost of litigation, our litigation practice includes not only trials and appeals, but when consistent with the client's objectives, the pursuit of a speedier and/or less costly alternatives, such as direct negotiation or various mediation or arbitration programs. In this way, we strive to keep costs and benefits in proper balance in the interest of our client.

The department's practice covers numerous fields of law, which include:

  • Corporate and Commercial Litigation
  • Divorce Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Trust and Estate Litigation
  • Landlord/Tenant Litigation